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We have highly qualified faculties, advanced lab and specially designed training model Especially for school students to enable them to learn and explore the world of modern technology. Our education model utilizes advanced kits (International Brands Exclusively Customized for AAL), Software based programming tools, various levels of workshop and practical lab exercises.


AET Android Lab (AAL) customize Robotics and Fly-Tech (Aero models) courses to enable schools to provide technical exposure to their students. Now a days Educational institutions started enhancing students knowledge in various co- curricular and extra curricular activates. Robotics and Fly-Tech are most unique value add knowledge services from an educational institution.


AAL has designed a educational training model to provide the knowledge services in the field of Robotics and Fly-Tech technologies. As a result of 6 months case study AAL derived a Integrated training course “Aero-Botics”, a combination of Robotics and aero model technologies. Aero-Botics Training course will facilitate them to get hands-on experience in Robotics, FLY-Tech (Aero-Model), Embedded systems Technology and improves

  • Problem solving skills
  • Creative and lateral Thinking
  • Ability to Research and Development


  Robotic Workshop - Wheel type Robot platform with Arduino kit, Motor shields and sensors.Many robots includes IR/RF controlled, Line follower, Wall follower, Obstacle avoider, Puzzle Solver and etc.  
  Humanoid Robot - Advance Robotics traing with different types of humaniod robot kits. upto 24 degree of freedom, voice command mode, wifi xbee connectivity, android programming.  
  Mind controlled Robot - Neuro ECG Synthesizer reads the brain waves convert them electrical signals, it can be used to control Robots. Neuro Sensor sense ECG signal and face expression  
  LEGO MINDSTORMS- Customisable programming and combines the versatility of the LEGO building system with all-new technologies, an intelligent microcomputer brick and intuitive drag-and-drop programming software.  
  Aero-Botics - Integrated training course “Aero-Botics”, a combination of Robotics and aero model technologies. RC/IR controlled Aero plane, Helicopter kits. Special types of models include UFO, Qudra copter, Tri copter and Tilt Rotor.Electric power and Nitro powered aero models.  

Robotic Workshop



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Advanced Robotic School from Arul Educational Trust.
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